Booked Job Alerts

Hello, when I book an estimate my estimators/"technicians" and myself receive a booked job alert via email. We set that up and like to receive that confirmation, however, can that booked job alert go to the specific estimator/"technician" that is ass...

QBO Sales Receipts

My Sales Receipts from QBO weren't attached to jobs when our data was transferred over to Service Titan, so now they don't show up in history for the mobile side. I can see them from the office side, but if my customers paid at the time of service an...

marens1 by New Contributor
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Viewing pictures on active job

Recently my techs have been having an issue where they cannot view pictures uploaded previously to jobs until the job is closed. A ServiceTitan rep told us that is an intentional feature? Is this really the case? The pictures are much more valuable w...

MattUHC by New Contributor
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Bulk edit price of equipment

Can you please look into the software having the capability to bulk edit “Equipment” with the same categories that are available to bulk edit “Services”.

j_mullis by New Contributor
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Print job notes

Is there a way to print the notes associated with a job? We are sending a customer to collections and want to send the communication history as well. Maybe there is another place to put these notes that we can print??? I am open to suggestions please...

JenniferK1 by New Contributor II
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Can you add company logo to proposal templates?

We have created several estimate templates and proposal templates but they seem to be lacking a couple of areas. I can find out how to add our logo so when the customer looks at our proposal or we email them a copy. it does not say our company name o...

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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how to obtain and print a material list from an estimate?

We are an electrical contractor. The process in our company is that we receive a call from a possible customer regarding a job. We will book an appointment for our estimator to go to the job site to review what is required , make notes and then retur...

AngieBeri by New Contributor III
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Location information

When in old location and looking for invoice summary information there was an information icon to view this details.Now with the new version when you need to view invoice summary you need to click on job number then open the invoice.Makes it a long p...

ls-doug_ by New Contributor
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