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New tag and Equipment information makes things more difficult

The new update moved the location/customer tags and the equipment information to a sidepanel on the right. It made far more sense for the tags in particular to be at the top of the page, where and English reader is going to look first. Tags that indi...

asodari by New Contributor II
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Automatically log techs out of jobs at midnight

I'd like to request that techs somehow be automatically released from today's jobs at midnight. Something that prevents techs from getting "stuck" in old jobs because someone did not mark it as complete, or on hold, or something. When the techs get s...

GDJAX by New Contributor II
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Adding Tags Retroactively

I think it would be a good idea to have new tags be added to retroactive jobs. For example, I am making a tag to add to our furnace repairs to label them as a buy back opportunity in the future. It would be nice if this tag applied to all of the furn...

chrisvoll by New Contributor
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New design for customer profile

Right now on the new design of the customer profile if you are looking at the job section, it is only showing the technicians picture rather than the text of their name. Wondering if there could be an update to change this back to text as the picture...

Screenshot 2023-03-02 115520.jpg
lizharri by New Contributor
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Hours on Estimates

Is there a way we could get the hour breakdown on the estimate? They transfer over to the invoice so I know the program is capable. The hours are also in each task, so can we just add another cost breakdown for hours, please? Frankie

frankiea by New Contributor
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Profit Split

We would like to see an automation where we can choose what we would like th sold by split to be. At the moment it automatically goes to whomever was assigned to the job first. We would like to have it split 70%/30% for example between electrician an...

Adding New Task button at the top of the screen

It would come in very handy to add a New Task button at the top of the customer profile where the options for Create Project, Build Estimate, and Sell Membership is located. In order to create a task it needs to be in a job, but often times we need t...

Display all Task items within a Group in Estimates

I'm looking to have a way to present to a customer an estimate that displays all of the Line Items within a Group. A single job could involve multiple rooms of a house, and it's nice to present to a customer a breakdown of each individual room. Curre...

Tags on Projects

I think adding the option to put a tag to a project, and not having to go and tie it to individual appointments on a project.

TarynW by New Contributor II
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Better location navigation under parent profiles COMMUNITY-I-1920

COMMUNITY-I-1920Vote up this idea. We manage large properties in ST and want to be able to view all the locations under a company at one time. We want to be able to click per say on the "locations" title and it opens up another page showing each loca...

Selkins by New Contributor
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