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Not sure if this is the place to request this, but it would be great if either the project overview page was updated, it was possible to customize the layout, or generate a one-pager report.

Ultimately what I'm looking to do is to have information that is present at multiple places in the project to be in one central location. For example in addition to the project manager and the start date on the project overview page it would be great to also have a project budget and possibly even a budget breakdown, just for one example.

Another idea would be to have some main tasks and deadlines as well, such as submitting a miss utility ticket, or scheduling a pre-con meeting, scheduling sub contractors etc.

We aren't a typical service company, we do hardscape and water feature installs, so admittedly we're using ServiceTitan in an a-typical way but overall it works for us.

However I'd love to be able to just print out a project summary sheet that has all of the main project information that our project manager needs so I can put it in our physical project checklist folders for him.

Additionally, if ServiceTitan doubled down on their project structure and started adding tasks and checklists that were project linked and more visible/accessible and maybe even updated project statuses based on their completion so we could track project status that would be amazing!

I know that there are a ton of project management softwares out there, but I want to keep the number of softwares we use low and don't want to duplicate data entry or rely on something like Zapier that breaks frequently. I know this is a big ask, but I've been happy with the improvements ST has been making and the direction their moving and it's allowed us to manage our projects easier and easier, this would just be another big step in the right direction for us.


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Hi @codybumpus

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback here. I can absolutely see how this would be immensely helpful!  Your amazing ideas need to be shared with the Product team. Our Product Development team regularly reviews ideas submitted by our users, and will often consider them in future ServiceTitan updates! 

The best place to share great ideas like this is:

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