Technician follow up

New Contributor II

Hello, we are wondering the best practice for when a technician has completed a job and a customer calls back and wants to ask the tech a question about an estimate/invoice. We have been creating an additional apt stating "Please call customer regarding invoice/estimate".  This way they can call through service titan and it is recorded.

This is not working well however, with revenue. Every time we open the job back up for the tech to call the customer it is now moving their revenue to another date.

Any suggestions on how our tech can call and it is still recorded and attached to the job, but not reopened to move revenue?

Julie Marlowe

New Contributor III

This is what the follow ups tab is for. The techs can call the customer through the follow up tab. We just put it as a non-job event for the tech and they can go into follow up history to find them