I need to know how to run an expired membership report without including customers with both and active and expired memberships. for example; if John Doe has an expired member from 19-20 but renewed for 20-21. We would like to have a record of both.

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I'm having a hard time figuring out how to use Service Titan (only) to keep up with memberships. We currently use paper copies along with Service Titan, but would love to move away from this, as our memberships are growing significantly, and crowding my desk!!

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Bumping this. We have the same issue and have not found a solution. Were you able to find a work around??

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use the filters in the report... Include "Membership Status" as a column, and filter the column to show only "Expired" in the Membership Status.

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As far as I can figure out, this is not possible. You'd have to export the data into Excel and remove duplicate customers.

This is a much needed addition to membership reporting.