Email templates for inactive customers

Hi thereI'm looking for templates to create an email campaign for customers that are a bit on the in active side maybe people who have not used us in the last 18 to 36 months I understand how to create the audience no problem but I'm looking for an e...

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Resolved! Using AI to respond to reviews?

It would be great if Service Titan had a built-in AI capability to handle positive reviews. Many prominent companies already utilize software like or internal AI systems for this purpose. Employing AI to respond to reviews, just like the m...

Customer Satisfaction

We had a customer who entered 1 star and then a 5 star (hit in error) It picked up the 1 star rating is there any way to fix this so that it doesn't show on the report

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Templates released and Marketing Summits Coming Up!

Did you know that with Marketing Pro, there is a whole team that makes templates specifically designed for the trades with strategy in mind?! Well, now you do! Check out our FREE Direct Mail Gallery (you must sign into your Canva account to access, y...

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Resolved! Technician Scores

Good morning, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to pull up technician scores for reviews. Is there any way to do this with specific technicians that'll show their Average rating, and verified reviews?

JustinC by New Contributor II
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