Removing link to job on Marketing Review

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Hello Fellow Titans! I have a review that is linking to a job/choice of jobs that I can't seem to unattach. A potential customer left a Yelp review talking about our company without placing a call for service. I now have an open review left by this potential customer that is being linked to a  technician that has not been out to the property. When I try to remove the possible match candidates via the edit feature, the save button is greyed out when I remove the job or technician, and the only option I have is to cancel or reset the selection, which leaves the review still attached to an incorrect job. Any ideas what I am doing wrong, or how to remove this review from this technician's marketing scorecard at this point? 


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Hi @KristenMiller 

I wanted to provide the answer to this. As of right now there is not a way to remove the review without linking it to a job. The work around for this would be to create a dummy job for a dummy customer  with a dummy technician and then link the review to that job so that it does not impact the technicians satisfactory rating. If you are seeing the reviews are matching incorrectly more than they are correct you could remove the Automatching feature the feature can be turned off entirely on the [Settings > Marketing Pro > Reputation Management] page.

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Thank you for reaching out. One of our product experts will be in touch shortly by email to further assist you.