Removing link to job on Marketing Review

Hello Fellow Titans! I have a review that is linking to a job/choice of jobs that I can't seem to unattach. A potential customer left a Yelp review talking about our company without placing a call for service. I now have an open review left by this p...

MarketingPro and AI Integration, Instagram, TikTok

I am LOVING using Marketing Pro to respond to my reviews so far! It is so nice to have the AI feature to use as a guideline I can personalize for my responses, plus I stay so much more on top of everything! Do you all have any ideas about using Marke...

Resolved! Technician Scores

Good morning, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to pull up technician scores for reviews. Is there any way to do this with specific technicians that'll show their Average rating, and verified reviews?

JustinC by New Contributor II
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Manual Review Survey

We are using and automatic sms survey in reputation management to send to customers requesting a review once the job is completed. I happy call customers a week after the job is completed and I want to use the Manual Review SMS Survey that I have set...

chelsi_c by New Contributor II
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Reputation Manager - review data

We recently added Reputation from ST to our solution. We had used other tools previously. We are finding a long lag in receiving reviews that are posted by customers especially on google - on average it has been 3.5 hours slower than our previous pro...

j_fritze by New Contributor II
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Seeing All Marketing Campaign Results?

Hello!I have a lot of marketing campaigns going on right now. I'm curious on if there's a way to see a pie chart of all of my campaigns, and what percentage of each comprises the leads we've got in any given time. I'm also curious on if there's a mor...

Reputation Manager - Automated Review Reminder Parameters

Reputation Manager Question -Is there a way to set parameters so it would not do a resend during a certain day/time? For example, if we don't want it to resend a review request to customers on Sunday evening.We love the automated re-send options but ...

gkartes by New Contributor
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Marketing Dashboard KPI Locations

I wondered where the KPI metrics on the marketing dashboard are linked to. Particularly these items:Booked Jobs - A lead that was booked.Ran Jobs - The tooltip says a Ran job has marketing attribution attached to them.It feels like these would pick u...

cbarker by New Contributor II
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