Sending Contact Card though chat

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We have a lot of customers that call us on different phone numbers and a lot of them are via a paid method.  What I want to do, once that customer has called, is direct them to call us on our main number in the future so they don't have to look us up on google (or other methods) where we have to pay over and over again for that customer.  My suggestion is to be able to send our customers, from the chat feature, a contact card (or v-card) that they can just enter into their phones and keep us as a contact.  Within the contact card should be our name, phone, email and website so the customer has all of our information in 1 location moving forward.


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We do this through PulseM's "Contact Card" add on integration for this exact reason! Additionally, I gave this contact card its own tracking number and we are able to track how much revenue is coming in from this contact card. 

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We do that! Contact me directly and I can walk you through how to do it. Its really easy but a lot of steps so a lot to write out. 

I would love to learn more about this too 🙂 

Could i contact you for that as well? That seems like a great solution and I would like to implement it as well

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Hi @darrinblum

Thanks for sharing your feedback. That sounds like something for the ideas page! 💡