Automatic Renewals for Memberships

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We would like to give our customer the option of selecting to automatically renew their membership when they come up for expiration (and be able to autobill if renewed prior to the billing date)!


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

The best option for this is to have the 2 different membership types and 2 different recurring service types. This is to keep the deferred revenue and revenue recognition from braking that chain. You cannot have a fixed duration and a ongoing duration on the same membership.

1 for Annual billing that is Ongoing. Will require a sales task and billing task for the auto-billing for next billing date. The recurring service duration type set to Continuous.

1 for Fixed 12 Months with a renewal. These memberships will also be on the Follow Up tab for expiring memberships to be called on to renew. The recurring service type duration type set to # of Total Visits. 

For the upcoming options I would isolate those customers on Follow Up and create an Estimate with those options.

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Can i reach out to you for some advice/2nd set of eyes on our end?!!!! 


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Hi @jhuck - Welcome to Community and congrats on your first post 🎉

My friend @ABayles is really knowledgeable in this area and will jump in here to help you!