How to Identify New Membership Sales

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Good Morning All,

I'm looking for the best way to identify memberships sold to new customers. I have linked our memberships to a potential member tag. but when I am still generating a report it is capturing every renewed membership and sold memberships.


any tips would be great!




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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Do you have access to the Membership Dashboard? 

Randi Thompson
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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I use the Legacy Report "Sold Membership Report" and it shows New and Renewed. Then you can export it if you need to filter it a little better.

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I think you'd benefit more from using the new customers report versus potential member tags in this case. You can find the new member report in the reports tab and this report focuses on new customers created in the system.

Best part is you can add these membership KPIs by editing the columns in the report: 

  • Member Status
  • Member From
  • Member To
  • Membership termination date
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