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The potential member saving should not be a feature to non members and let me exhaling why.  If we sell a 3000 job, and apply a discount of $100 it will show (all hypothetical btw) $3000 -$100 with a "potential mem" savings of $189.  Customer sees this in the weeks to come and calls the office and inquires about it.  Well yes you can save $189 for the cost xxx of the mem plan, however, the discount provided can not be used in conjunction with the mem plan.  So in theory, we would have to amend a signed invoice to then remove the $100 discount, add xxx for the mem plan, then reflect the $189 and refund accordingly if they chose to move forward, or in most cases, the customer won't understand this and get frustrated.  The other scenario is commercial, or landlord tenant situations where mem programs aren't allowed, yet they still will see the potential saving generating yet another phone call.

Simple solution would be to turn this off altogether which we have, however, for our members, they can't see their savings, and tend to call the office inquiring where their discount is at which point we have to run the price book manually and explain this over the phone and hope they believe us.  

My suggestion is this, show the member saving to members only.  I think this is long overdue, and I look forward to a solution soon.  

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Has there been any fix to this?

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @DavidBuky , 

Thanks for sharing your feedback about this feature. I can absolutely see your point.  Potential Savings and Member Savings are currently tied to the same feature gates so you can't disable one without also disabling the other.

The only alternatives include:

  • Configuring membership types for category or business unit discounts and ensuring that specific tasks are excluded from discounts so when they're added there will be no potential savings. This would likely mean that a Pricebook would need to include a set of tasks for non-members and another for members.
  • Through the UI or by Data task, the “Show Member Savings”; toggle on a customer edit page would need to be disabled for non-members. This will prevent all savings on invoices, but will also mean that the user must toggle that on/off as a customer's membership status changes.

I would also encourage you to share this idea to separate the features with our Product team here:
Be sure to come back here and share the Idea ID (COMMUNITY-I-xxx) so others can upvote your idea!

Hope the answer is helpful!