Max discount for members

We want our member discount to max out at $500. How do we do that? Right now it's only a % and on a large job the member discount is much larger than we want. We did turn on the discounts and fees setting as recommended but I don't see how that conne...

jamied by Contributor
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Resolved! Zero Ticket Invoices - Recurring Services

Currently when we run a Recurring Service that is paid monthly (the visit is only twice a year) the Invoice shows as a Zero Dollar Job. Is this normal, or should there be a way to show that this service is actually being paid for through the Membersh...

brad_myc by New Contributor II
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Transfer of Memberships

Is it possible to transfer a membership and the associated deferred revenue to a new customer/location account. Scenario: We offer septic memberships and do startups of new systems for builders. The builder pays for the startup and a 1 year membershi...

amiller1 by New Contributor
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Membership Pricing

When looking at estimates, there is no way to see if Membership pricing has been applied to an estimate or invoice without looking in pricebook for a side by side, line by line comparison in another window. It would be great to see on the task or est...

seth_tes by New Contributor II
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Auto Maintenance Scheduling

Is there any way to set up an automatic scheduling for maintenance on a reoccurring schedule? Such as a biannual maintenance will auto schedule 6 months after the last maintenance. With reminders to the customer and notifications as to the time they ...

MrsIreneK by New Contributor
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