Collecting Payments with QR Codes

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I would like to get a QR Code payment option implemented.

When the job is complete and the tech goes to collect, a QR Code option would be a payment method in the drop down menu along with "Cash, Check, Card, Greensky Financing". This would allow the Customer to pay with their phone / online banking. This newer style of payment method would appeal to the younger crowd of customer in particular, along with the customers that are not comfortable inputting their card information into a "strangers" tablet. A few customers have asked if we offer QR Code payments and we have informed them we don't at the moment but just like our company Service Titan is always improving!


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You can actually do that now, but you have to get Service Titan's card scanner device to do it.  We use them and our techs absolutely love them.  The device is a small black box with the ability to swipe a card, insert the card into the chip reader, hold a card or phone over the "tap" area.  The device is connected to your tech's phone or tablet by blue-tooth and is very easy to use.  When it is turned on in your system, the tech is given the option of entering the payment the old way or processing with the card device.  As I say, our techs love it and really love not having to hand type card numbers, etc.  Your CSM should be able to get you set up on this.

Mike M CPA & Operations in KC, (go Chiefs)