View saved credit card in mobile

Is there a way that our techs can verify that a card has saved to a client file? We are not looking for them to see the card number, just a verification that the number has saved.

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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What happened to the blue banner on close out page?

When selling an estimate sometimes our tech will hit a wrong button and say perform work later. If an estimate is sold via esign it is automically sold for later. I know if you click the 3 dots next to the estimate you can toggle it to perform work n...

KellyB by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Time on Service Jobs

Our technicians do not have the ability on the mobile app to see how long they were on a job in order to charge the appropriate labor hours spent on a job. This is extremely critical for our field techs. The tech should not be spending time calling t...

lynettaj by New Contributor II
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T&M Invoicing

I am wondering how others are tackling their Time & Materials invoicing. We are having major issues with our techs being able to properly invoice jobs due to the fact that they can't see the timesheet for that job. Worst case, they should be able to ...

jboth by New Contributor
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Resolved! Adding Discount Task

How can techs apply a discount task to an estimate from the mobile side & having it fall under Discount & Fees? We have only done this from the office

allisonc by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Billable hours

It would be helpful if the billable hours tab would calculate the cost for you and apply it to the invoice automatically. Leaving it up to the technician may not always be accurate. It would also eliminate 2 steps.

Resolved! Add watermark to Estimates

Add a large watermark to estimates. Invoices and estimates look the same when sent to customers as a PDF. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) receive multiple calls daily because customers get confused between the documents. Customers mistake...

Watermark1.PNG Watermark2.PNG
legacyde by New Contributor II
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Single search for mobile user

Please give an option to my technicians in the field to do a "search all" when looking for a specific item. My technicians do not always know the difference between a service/task, equipment, and material... and honestly, for some items the line is a...

KristiEK by New Contributor II
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Best Practice for Signatures

Hey Guys, Not sure if this is available in ST or not. Is there an option to request a print signature and a signature signature? We have some techs pencil whipping signatures and want to have a best practice to prevent this from happening. I think ha...

NealMims by New Contributor
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