Invoice View on Mobile Tech Vs Customer

Had an odd one come up this week. The Left (blurry) picture is what our tech see when he clicks preview on the mobile side of the job and the Right (non blurry) is what I can pull in the office. This customer is wanting to see that "standard pricing"...

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jeftem by New Contributor
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Automating Adding Sub-Items to Items on an Invoice

Is there a way to automate the addition of sub-items to items on the ST Mobile invoice tab? Our inventory/job costing system has different categories for different material types (ie: electric, plumbing, gas, sheet metal, etc). These materials are al...

Materials button needed

When in mobile, there's a task button but often we need to add materials to jobs, like 90% of our jobs.The extra step to go into the actions drop down to select the materials button is cumbersome. adding materials isn't exactly an action, no more so ...

noah_com by New Contributor II
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Items erroneously being added to invoice/estimate as zero dollars

Has anyone had issues with mobile users adding an item to an invoice/estimate and the item has a price set in the pricebook but it is added to the invoice/estimate as a zero dollar item? It's not something that we can replicate. We find invoices/esti...

Nancy by New Contributor III
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Discount and Fee overhaul, not applied to full invoice

Please vote for this idea if you like it and get your friends to upvote it as well!!!COMMUNITY-I-2119Sometimes when selling a 2nd or 3rd estimate on the same job, you want to give a percent discount to get them to go with the additional work and that...

AdamCronenberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Proposal and Estimate Template

We are looking to add more proposal templates and coming up blank with more pre-build options for our techs. We do Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Are there any ones that you and your team use all the time. Let's start a list of proposal template idea...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Adding parts to an invoice

I have a technician that created a job for an irrigation repair in the field. When he goes to invoice and add irrigation materials it does not show any irrigation parts available. If he creates the irrigation repair from the office then he can go to ...

MDora by New Contributor
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option to set a reminder under a customers job order.

Id like to see a (set a reminder) button near the note, and take a picture buttons, on the mobile app. This would be useful in jobs that require a follow up, example: i have a job requiring a call to customer service, but they are closed today. i wou...

ernie_t_ by New Contributor
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Resolved! Deposit Question

DEPOSIT QUESTION! Hi All! To my knowledge, when a tech sells work and wants to collect a prepayment he has to sell the work, click "perform work later", call the office, the office sets up the return call, and then the tech can collect the "project" ...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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