Editing the mobile scorecard

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Is there any way I can edit the fields on the technician scorecard?  I'd like to edit the fields to show different metrics than what are currently on there.  For example, I'd like to show Number of Opportunities, Number of Replacement Opportunities, Total Sales, Total Replacement Sales, Membership Opportunities, Total Memberships, etc. 


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Community Manager

Hi @bradley_ - great question! @Sheena_Palacios I think you might have some expertise in this area, would you be able to assist? If not, no worries. I can think of a few other folks that might be able to jump in.

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

happy to take it from here, @e_dunn 🙂

Hi @bradley_ -- you can definitely create a customized dashboard with the metrics that is useful to your business and even add commonly used reports to this dashboard. Navigate to Settings>Operations>Dashboards and from there you can access the modular dashboard templates and permissions. And as long as you have permissions, you can create and access the modular dashboards right from the actual dashboard (top left hand side -- see screenshot below and link to article) Hope this helps!


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Sheena Palacios