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Is there a way, or is there a feature coming out where we can get the description of work on the All Jobs tab for the technicians?

We work with clients that use us for multiple jobs at single locations. Sometimes we may have multiple quoted jobs that are taking place at the same time at the same location. We add these jobs to our techs schedule, and allow them to work with the client to complete these jobs as the client requests, or maybe complete it when the material arrives.

The problem is right now the tech just sees the jobs, which may be 2-10 different jobs at the same location, and customer name and has to click into the job to read the description. This is causing a headache because they have to click on the job and go into the job page to view the description of work. Every job on the "All Jobs" page looks identical on the field side. Once they click back it brings them back to the dashboard, resetting their entire search for the correct job. Its tedious for them to click into a job, find its not the right one, get kicked out to the dashboard, then have to start their search for the correct job all over again.

Other unnamed CRM's allowed us to edit what information the technician would see from the equivalent "All Jobs" page. Does anyone have any suggestions or is there a way to make an update that we can even add a brief preview of the job description on the "all jobs" page? This would help massively with technician efficiencies and frustration in the field


Thank you everyone in advance!



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Community Manager

Hi @Cory_Magee - I'm checking with our internal teams, stay tuned!