Mobile View Unit Measure

I would like to see the unit of measure show in the mobile view for items in the Pricebook. In the Pricebook (on PC) the unit measure is visible, but when our technicians are using their tablets in the field they cannot see if the material they are (...

Deneen by New Contributor
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Resolved! Ability to zoom in on pictures in desktop and mobile

Really hope this get's modified so we can zoom in on pictures that our techs take. It is very common to have to zoom in to see certain items, or details, and currently it can't be done without first downloading the image to the computer.My previous s...

MikeHVAC by New Contributor II
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Pre-Set Field Remarks for Technicians

Does ST have a way of adding pre-set comments for the techs to choose from? Our previous software would allow the technician to choose form pre-sets we set up in the office.This way they are not typing the same response at every job they go to; they ...

Mobile version tech accessibility for estimate

When jobs are scheduled on our technicians, they can add estimates to those jobs. However, once a job has been completed by the technician, they are unable to add additional estimates without assistance from the office staff or trying workarounds tha...

MichaelW by New Contributor
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Lead Technician Actions

Allow this Lead Tech to ASSIGN other techs to a job in Mobile. (They can only do this from Office)This mobile function only allows the Lead Tech to dispatch, arrive, send on meal breaks, mark others as done...but NOT assign them.

Events - Tech unable to see if TIMESHEET not checked!

With the newest update, there was a checkbox for "Needs a timesheet?" added to the new event settings. We use 1call dispatching, so our techs can only see one job at a time. With this we use events to let staff know if they need parts for a later rep...

aware134 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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New feature!

It would be awesome if service titan had a feature where customers were able to sign estimates through the estimate portal. Allowing them to accept sign, and date an estimate and it still converts to sold and notifies the office to schedule.

Akligmann by New Contributor
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