Work Ticket Information

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Is there a way to change the information available to a crew via the Mobile app? For example, when our crews pull up the information page on their mobile devices, it would be incredibly handy to have a customer's phone number and take-off lawn size.


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We have a job that has multiple opportunities under it.  Is there a way to display the ticket number or Opportunity Name on the schedule board or will it only show the Job Name?


@PJ-TLI thanks for posting and sorry for the delay. In the future Aspire specific posts can go here

To answer your question the info on crew mobile isn't customizable however a new version of Aspire Mobile is in the works which will include contact information.  Don't believe takeoffs are going to be displayed as of this time but can be submitted as an enhancement request. Take a look at All about the Idea Voting Portal

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@Chof22 or @malmbe - any suggestions?