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We want to change how we present to a customer on the options that they have. As of now it is set up as (good better best) for your options. We would like it to go (best better good) so that the customer is looking at their best option first. By doing this we can show them that there best option is first and then work our way down on what the feel comfortable to spend.




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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I would definitely recommend using custom proposal template names.  The old Good, Better, Best makes it seem like your basic fix is a good option and tells customers they are ok picking the band aid fix to solve their problem.  This approach of labeling your Band-Aid fix as good has a very good likelihood of having that customer need future repairs and have them be not so satisfied and also potentially unlikely to call you back.  I recommend figuring out proposal template names like Band-Aid fix, Short Term Fix, Long Term Fix, Ultimate Fix, etc or things like Contractor Grade Option, Mid-Grade option, Premium Option, Elite Option etc.  Thanks to the customization offered in Service Titan's proposal template display, you can customize these labels and better represent the repair/replace estimates you are presenting and also make sure are not setting yourself up for failure with this customer in the future.  Word choice on the names of these estimates may seem simple but it makes a huge difference.  Uncle Joe C taught us having 6 estimates is key (and he has the data to back it up) and people tend to chose higher up the food chain and Service Titan's proposal template makes this super easier for every tech and every company out there.  If you are not familiar with Estimate and Proposal Templates, I highly encourage you to spend the time as it will be a game changer for you business.  Also, I want to give a shameless plug for the newest ST Community Group Garage Door Titans.  Even if you are not in the Garage Door Trade, I highly encourage you to join that ST Community Group as I am one of the admins and I post regularly on helpful hints including videos on how to get the most of Service Titan and it is almost always in a Trade Neutral environment.  Check out our Group!!! @jeisenman 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We used this instead of changing the order.

Check the (Best) option recommend before presenting and then show that item (best) first.



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