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Here is the question when my team members make an introductory cold call to a prospect that has either heard of ServiceTitan or not what would be a good simple catch to create some interest so they would want to hear more from us? Myself and the SDR ...
Here you the Pantheon Links below save that date and enjoy!
Hello all I am seeing that Pantheon early bird pricing is coming about soon from internal communication here. December from what I understand it starts September 11, 2023.
On the outbound side of ServiceTitan we hear this all the time more than you think. Were any of you in the same mindset before pulling the trigger and going on our platform. Would love to hear your thoughts and stories.
Is anyone offering service agreements on the platform and if you are how do they work for you? There is great curiosity from the sales side if that is an important driver and used by the community in their shops?