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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

SecondChanceLeads-Phones Pro (1).pngWhile missed sales opportunities can be top-of-mind in every shop, it can take plenty of time and resources to listen to every call that has come in and filter for a potential lead. And using third-party solutions can be costly since they require lengthier turn-around time and can be very expensive. 

With Second Chance Leads in Phones Pro, we use Titan Intelligence to review your calls and identify certain criteria that can indicate a missed booking opportunity and categorize those calls as potential Second Chance Leads. By automatically reviewing and flagging unbooked calls that we believe can be saved with a followup call back to the homeowner, your business can increase revenue without having to increase marketing spend.

If you have a call center and use Phones Pro, click below to join the waitlist to get access to Second Chance Leads (BETA) - powered by Titan Intelligence. In the meantime, learn more about Second Chance Leads by watching the below videos!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

LOVE THIS FEATURE. It really makes me want to join phones pro 

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