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Questions about what headset or desktop hardware to choose that will work for Phones Pro? Check out the Knowledge Base article to learn about your recommended hardware options and how to order your hardware of choice for Phones Pro.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We've used some generic gamer headsets (mainly for comfort) that canceled background noise well.  I was able to find a bunch for a good price on Amazon.  The boom mics have a better cancelation.  Previously we used the Blackwire ones recommended by ST and dial pad.  Those worked well too but background noise is louder on recorded calls when we review then the similarly priced gamer headsets.  Only downside we've heard was that they can be heavier.  So we mix and match based on CSR preference.  Good info though, saw this on tons of FB post in the past.  

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We are using Phones Pro.  Do you have a recommended app for the desktop to cancel background noise?

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