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We are about to launch afterpay in our company. They charge 6.5% interest when we use their services. Does anyone know how or if I can add a task that we can apply to each job where the technician is going to use this program? This task would need to add 6.5% to the job when we use the afterpay as a means of payment.

Thanks in advance!

-Will@ Beltz Home Service


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hey @Will ,

You can definitely do this.  You can add a Fee (in the discounts & Fee's Section of your Pricebook) If you set the fee type to be Percentage and set the percentage to 6.5% ServiceTitan will determine the amount of the fee automagically for you.  You need to assign it a category so your technicians can apply it to a category.  If you do not See Discounts and Fee's on your Pricebook page you can reach out to your CSM/CSM Team and ask them to turn it on for you. #ItsGoTime

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@Will I see this is your first post in the Community, Welcome! Excited to have you here and this is such a great question! I'm adding @Rachel_Young here to see if she can provide assistance with this specific question.