Pricebook Tutorial Video #1: Introduction to Managing Your Pricebook In ServiceTitan

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Good morning!

I made a video for both newcomers to ServiceTitan and those that have been using for a while. Now, this is my first video like this, so it is very "ranty" . My following video will be much shorter.

This specific video explains what all the options in the pricebook section of ServiceTitan do and how they work, as well as how prices are generated.

This series of videos will have 3 parts. Part #2 will have more to do with the Vendor-supplied catalogs and the bulk updater, and the third video will be a deep dive into how to add/update items with the excel pricebook file.


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Community Manager

@SteveCossette this is amazing and will be so helpful to your fellow Titans - thank you so much for capturing this great content!

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Thanks for sharing, Steve! Will definitely pass along.

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Thanks for creating and sharing this Steve. You're a great asset to our community!