What does your company do to enter purchase orders into service titan under the purchasing module?

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Our company has just turned on the purchasing module in service titan. What is required now to enter invoices from supply houses is much more cumbersome on our employees.  Before they were only required to enter a summary which was copy and pasted from their order or just quickly noted and then a total amount for the bill.  With purchasing on service titan requires every item to be input individually and ideally also in the pricebook.  I have heard a couple of different ways to handle this:

A. Make the techs spend the time entering the items. which costs them man hours they could be using for actual jobs

B. Hire an office person to do it for them. which costs money to hire a person to sit there inputting invoices all day

I just want to know what most companies are doing with this change?



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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

For service POs- tech enters if it's job related, dispatch enters to order truck stock.

For install POs- install coordinator creates initial PO when she books the job, techs talk to her and she creates additional POs if they need more on the day of (we do this so we can keep an eye on what installers are getting and decide if we need to put more on that initial PO on a regular basis)

We have an office person who matches vendor invoices to POs and questions discrepancies, adds items that were purchased but not initially input into the system, and creates the vendor bill for payment.

So the answer is, a combination of A & B.

Jessica Woodruff Smith, LadyTitans Co-Founder & Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions

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