Why cant we open the estimate for our Service Manager who has all the permissions

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Our SM Wally was completing a customer estimate and we are all set up with TURNS Financing and it doesn't show when he comes back to work at his office station (As he has two sign ons) How does he have equals and view with both without having to be at the job site. in order working on the job in the office not on location?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

If I am understanding you right you want to show when he comes to the office to work? If that is the case, then once he is done with the job, and he is coming back to the office, you would need him to create an event "non-job event" that is called something like "at office working, or in office work," etc. whatever you want to call it.  

On mobile, you would complete the job you are on, click on the silhouette at the top right, and you will see "events" then he can select whichever event he needs.

As for TURNS, my understanding is you can only do the easy apply for TURNS on mobile, on site in front of the customer. If a customer wants to apply for financing then you would need to send them the link to your specific application site and they would need to fill out the info themselves.

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