attachments to follow new job

Hello Service Titan team,We would really benefit from being able to have any attachments, ie. pictures and other notes, from the estimate appointment to the new booked job. This is a really big failure for us. When the techs in the field go to the jo...

Resolved! Multiple appointments non opportunity automation

Hello, We have an issue with tracking our recurring service appointments opportunity conversion rates. We are hoping to be able to conditionally have the non-opportunity box checked when necessary, here's the scenario;Customer has 5 recurring service...

CodyWans by New Contributor II
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Canceling a job should not be so inconvenient

If ST is going to make it mandatory to remove all tasks before canceling a job, there needs to be a "delete invoice" button to remove all tasks at once. With a large project it can waste far too much time deleting those tasks one at a time. Also - da...

vmoore by New Contributor II
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Resolved! jobs vs appointments

I want to force our techs to fill out a daily form, but as far as I can tell, have to create a new job daily to do this.I work in large-scale install projects and want to use some of the job features with tags and forms, but my issue is that I create...

jtullous by New Contributor II
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