Resolved! Service Titan Pricebook excel spreadsheet

HI! I'm working on my pricebook in the excel format - how do utilize subcategories on the excel spreadsheet? Do I just put the subcategory in the category field if it applies to that pricing?

KatieBcbp by New Contributor
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Resolved! Referral Campaign Marketing Pro

We’re looking at launching the pro campaign for referrals. For anyone who has done that in the past, how did you set up the price book/ payments to record properly for the referral credit? In particular, the customer who did the referring? I’d like t...

Whittaker by New Contributor III
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Charge back to original technician for recall jobs

I am curious how everyone else handles the invoicing and accounting for recall jobs when you need to charge back the original technician who was already paid on the original job that was recalled. For example:A technician did a job for a customer and...

Vickies by New Contributor III
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Technician PO Feature Request

It would be cool if the technicians could link in to the material pricebook and add materials from the PO Screen in Mobile. If the techs dont get the item code perfect they are severley slowed down in building a PO.

dhutton by New Contributor
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E-Sign form link killed when complete a Job. PLEASE FIX.

I spent days troubleshooting this topic after feedback from a customer. I have confirmed by testing that E-sign links sent to customers do not work if we close out a job. However if you reopen the job/appointment the original e-sign link will work ag...

Seth by New Contributor
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