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Hello Service Titan team,

We would really benefit from being able to have any attachments, ie. pictures and other notes, from the estimate appointment to the new booked job. This is a really big failure for us. When the techs in the field go to the job they have no pictures to go by or information that was written out by the estimator that did the estimate. The only way around this is for the office to go back to the original estimate job and download any pictures and then upload to the new job. Also needed is to copy and paste any notes or job summary into new job....a huge time waster...not to mention that most likely will not to get done because of limited time when busy or just being forgotten. PLEASE help update the program to include this feature. It would help with our job flow efficiency and would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks! Anson Electric


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @teachypeachy

Great idea! 💡 The best place to post this is going to be on our ideas page:

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