Feature request: "Payment Deleted" indicator column in All Payments template

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Hi all,

Hope this post finds you well. I wanted to gauge the community's interest in the following feature.

The All Payments template includes a checkbox to "Include deleted payments". This is great since it gives us oversight to payments that are being deleted. However, there is no column in the template to distinguish deleted vs. non-deleted.

A workaround is to pull all payments, then pull the non-deleted, and find the set difference to end up with only the deleted payments. Still, this is inefficient, since it requires pulling the report twice. It would be easier to use if there was a True/False column indicating if the payment on that row is deleted.

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If your goal is to see what payments were deleted and by who, you can do that with the "Office Audit Trail" dataset. Just filter the "Action Performed" column to contains "deleted" and contains "payment" and boom, there's a list of all the jobs that had payments that were deleted in the date range, and by who and when

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Hi! The easiest way to get attention on a new feature/product request is to submit it in the Ideas section here in Community: https://community.servicetitan.com/t5/Ideas/bd-p/ideas

Pro tip: you can use the search functionality (see the screenshot below) to see if someone else has submitted this idea and upvote it if so! 


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