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Understanding Lead Attribution with ServiceTitan for Scheduling Pro Clients

Introduction to Lead Attribution

Lead attribution refers to the process of identifying and assigning credit to various marketing channels or touchpoints that a customer interacts with before making a purchase or scheduling a service. It's essential for businesses to understand which marketing efforts are driving the most conversions or leads. ServiceTitan offers robust campaign tracking capabilities to help businesses attribute leads effectively.


What is Lead Attribution?

Imagine you're running ads or promotions in different places, like online ads, emails, or social media. Lead attribution is like detective work, where you figure out which of these ads or promotions are actually bringing customers to your business. It helps you understand where your customers are coming from. 


How Lead Attribution Helps Scheduling Pro Clients

1. Understand What's Working

By knowing which ads or promotions are bringing in customers, you can focus more on what's working and less on what's not.

  • Insightful Analytics:
    • Understand which marketing campaigns are most effective.
    • Allocate budget to high-performing campaigns.
    • Make data-driven decisions for future marketing strategies.

Helpful links: 


2. Better Service

If you know where a customer heard about you, you can provide a more personalized experience based on that information.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience:
    • Personalize customer interactions based on their campaign source.
    • Optimize campaign targeting for better engagement and conversion rates.


3. Save Money

You can avoid spending money on ads or promotions that aren't bringing in customers and use that money more wisely.

  • Efficient Resource Allocation:
    • Identify underperforming campaigns and reallocate resources.
    • Ensure marketing efforts generate a positive return on investment (ROI).


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Implementing Lead Attribution with ServiceTitan

1. Tell The Experts: 

Before you start tracking, before using ServiceTitan (ST) campaigns, inform the support team at Scheduling Pro Support for a necessary configuration update so they can set things up for you.


2. Add Info to Web Links:

You can put special codes in the web addresses (URLs) you share in ads or emails. These codes help ServiceTitan figure out which ad or promotion the customer came from.

Simple Example:

Instead of sharing a plain website link, you add a code at the end that tells ServiceTitan where the customer clicked from.

Helpful link:  What are UTMs? How to use them with Scheduling Pro.



Imagine you have a special promotion for a "Winter Service Discount" that you're advertising both on social media and in an email newsletter.

Step-by-Step Example:

1. Original Web Link:
Your website's booking page might have a link like this for scheduling service:

2. Add a Tracking Code:
To track where the customer is coming from, you can add a special code at the end of this link. Let's say the code for your "Winter Service Discount" promotion is winter2024.

3. Updated Link with Tracking Code:

  • Share the Link:
    • On Social Media: When you post about the "Winter Service Discount" on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you'd use the updated link (

    • In Email Newsletter: If you're sending out an email to your subscribers about the promotion, you'd also use the same updated link.

4. Customer Clicks the Link:
When a customer clicks on the link, the special code (se_campaign=winter2024) is included in the URL they visit.

5. ServiceTitan Tracks the Code:
ServiceTitan recognizes the special code and knows that the customer came from the "Winter Service Discount" promotion. This helps you understand which marketing effort led the customer to book a service.

By using this method, you can see in ServiceTitan's analytics that customers who booked services through the link with the winter2024 code came from your "Winter Service Discount" promotion. This way, you know that your advertising efforts for this particular promotion are paying off.


3. Use Special Buttons:

You can also use special buttons on your website that, when clicked, tell ServiceTitan about the ad or promotion the customer saw.

Simple Example:

A "Book Now" button on your website can be set up to tell ServiceTitan which promotion the customer saw before booking from your Scheduler.

Helpful Link:  CTAs and Form Fills: Best Practices to Maximize ROI in 2024


4. Use QR Codes:

Consider adding a QR code to your technicians' business cards. When handed to a customer, technicians can suggest using this code to conveniently schedule their next appointment. Another innovative use is transforming these QR codes into equipment stickers. A QR code is scannable by a phone instead of a grocery store scanner. When someone opens their phone camera, they can scan your QR code and it will take them directly to the website you choose when creating your QR codes. And they can schedule their next appointment.

Helpful link:  Success with Scheduling Pro: The Power of QR Codes on Equipment Stickers


5. Check and Update Info:

Every now and then, you might want to check which ads or promotions are doing well. You can do this by logging into your ServiceTitan account and making any necessary changes. 



Lead attribution with ServiceTitan helps Scheduling Pro clients to know which ads or promotions are bringing customers in. It's like having a map that shows where your customers are coming from so you can make smarter decisions about where to advertise and how to give your customers the best experience. Businesses can optimize their strategies, enhance customer experiences, and achieve better ROI by tracking and analyzing campaigns effectively. Regularly reviewing and adjusting campaigns in ServiceTitan ensures accuracy and relevance in lead attribution, driving success for your business.

Check out Service Titan Campaigns Tracking - Lead Attribution in our Knowledge Base for more information!


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