Canadian Fleet Pro users

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Is anyone Canadian and using Fleet Pro or are we the first? I am running into lots of onboarding issues and was curious if anyone else had these. I have already contacted support.

issues include 

No Camera data when there should be, No driver score data, 


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Hi there Travers, I'm sorry but we are not using Fleets Pro! Maybe you are the first Canadian team to try it out?! I'd be curious how you like it once you have it set up!


Khiana Klatt
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So far there have been quite a few hoops to go through with ST. Been working with their resolution/support but it has not been a great experience. hopefully things go better as they figure things out.

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Hi @Travers - That's no good! @KhianaKlatt or @MirandaMel - are your shops using Fleet Pro or know anyone who is that might be able to help?

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

No, we aren't using Fleet Pro.  @Travers maybe also post this in Canada Group?

Miranda Melnychuk, RSE
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