Pricebook Columns

On the ServiceTitan Pricebook, is there actively a way that we can edit the columns per ServiceTitan user? For example, when I am working on the portion of Pricebook that I need to get done, I only need to see the Media, Name, Code, Description, Mate...

ZMR-TBHVAC by New Contributor III
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Pin Point neighborhoods in Marketing Pro

We would love to be able to send direct mail out to a full neighborhood. Say we go to a home with the same builder and know that that neighborhood will have bad air compressors or the builders install all of the same units that are going to fail. Is ...

Jessica4 by New Contributor
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Feedback Needed: Pro Products Branding Survey

Hello! The Product Marketing team is doing some research on your perception of PRO PRODUCTS branding. If you use any Pro Product, or have subscribed in the past, you are welcome to participate. This survey should take less than 3 minutes to complete....

by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Setting up big jobs in Pricebook

We currently have most tasks created for everyday jobs. When we run into little jobs we've missed they get added but I am interested as to what other people/companies use in pricebook to bid out bigger jobs, so techs are able to easily present a pric...

BrettD87 by New Contributor II
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MarketingPro Audience Builder Filtering

Currently, multiple options within an individual filter in a group is considered OR. We should have a dropdown option to decide whether we want OR or AND filtering. Essentially, I can't email customers that have used us for all service options unless...

OAS11 by New Contributor
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New Marketing Pro Dashboard

I am happy to see that we can now filter by open campaigns in marketing pro. However the open % and click % are no longer there. Only on the old version. . Being able to sort the view by live vs draft or completed campaigns is very helpful, but not b...

jamied by Contributor
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