Resolved! Skill set capacity vs adjustable capacity planning

I am getting ready to set up capacity planning for my business and today I read on here that you have to choose between manual adjustment capacity and skill capacity when setting up. If you chose manual adjustment capacity, is the CSR still able to s...

BRH by New Contributor
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Resolved! Changing the look of invoices

I would like to make changes to our invoices. I would like to make the acknowledgements where the customer signs larger and if possible, in red so it sticks out better so the customer actually reads what they are signing.

tracy_c by New Contributor II
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Adding to customer and location page

I've been wondering if there is functionality for this for a while. I have a tendency to forget to click the toggle to add the note to both the customer and location page, but there is no way for me to go in and edit to retroactively add the note to ...

JamesS by New Contributor
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Burden Rate on Salesman

Does anyone have a way of showing the burden rate of the salesman commission on installs job costing? I know we can set the payroll to reflect commission, but nothing I can find will show the burden rate for them.

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Hypersensitivity Tracking for Customers

Looking for best practices on how to track Hypersensitive individuals that need to be contacted, our state requires 72 hour notice prior to spraying and a record of all communication attemps/successes to each person on the list. any suggestions?

cfligger by New Contributor
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Email Sent Display on Invoice Screen

We do not use the automatic email feature for our technician's completed invoices. Our accounting department needs to review the invoices for accuracy. It would be beneficial if there was an indicator on the invoice screen to determine if an email ha...

mikele_b by New Contributor
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Tell me what you think!

I put this idea out there awhile ago and it didn't get much traction. I am really trying to get as much support as possible for some of these ideas so if you think it's a good idea please go vote for it! I would so appreciate it. click this link to v...

Screenshot 2023-04-24 135817.png
MadisonChicken by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Online Payment Link not appearing on email

Hey everyone just need help with a simple question and I'm not sure if there is a way to fix it on our side. Our invoices that are being emailed over are not showing the 'Online Payment Link' we have set up in the invoice email settings. It shows all...

iwarren39 by New Contributor III
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Multiple invoice email templates

We recently changed our invoice email templates to emphasize our invoicing and payment policy to prioritize getting customers to pay their invoice if a balance is due.However we've been having a large amount of customers emailing back stating they've...

TheoR by New Contributor
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what is a "sublocation"?

While reviewing permissions for a new employee, I ran across the permissions to "Add sublocations" and "Edit sublocations". These permissions are under Locations (not Customers). So I searched the Knowledge Base and the Academy and came up with nothi...