(FEATURE REQUEST) TX Compliant Idle Time Pay

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In Texas, the law says that "idle" time must be paid at least at minimum wage.  If the hours paid for "idle" time plus the hours paid for "working" time result in overtime (excess of 40/wk), the "weighted average" method must be used to calculate the appropriate overtime rate.

This is summarized in this page by the Texas Workforce Commission: https://www.twc.texas.gov/news/efte/c_waiting_or_on_call_time.html 

ServiceTitan currently lacks:

  1. The ability to pay "idle" time at minimum wage (rather than "no pay")
  2. The automated calculation of the appropriate overtime, based on the "weighted average" method defined by the TWC



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Hi @michaelanton - Welcome to Community and congratulations on your first post! 🎉

This sounds like a great feature enhancement and seems like it would help make you and your team more efficient. I would encourage you to share this idea with our Product team via the Ideas board. Be sure to come back here and share the Idea ID (COMMUNITY-I-xxx) so others can upvote your idea!

I would also encourage you to join the Let's Get TEXcellent group to share your Idea ID and see how other shops in Texas handle idle time in ServiceTitan.