Issue of not seeing technician payroll detail in payroll detail report

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So, I had this Issue of not seeing technician payroll detail in payroll detail report for our newest employees. I am able to see their payroll detail in the payroll(detail) report. This has now become an issue because we are trying to get out managers to approve time and payroll in Service Titan and they can only view the payroll detail report. I am including screenshots of how it is viewed in the payroll dashboard, how it shows direct adjustments on the side but nothing shows in the report.

Thanks for any help! st mike kime payroll approval screen.jpgst mike kime payroll detail report page.jpg 


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Hi @AlanaOHA, from your screenshots, I'm not seeing the payroll adjustments populate in the Payroll Detail report or in the Performance Pay column on the Payroll Dashboard.  I think the Pay Type field might need to be adjusted for your technicians.  The Pay Type field restricts what type a pay a technician can receive.  We recommend selecting Both for your technicians, especially if they receive both commissions and hourly pay.  If Timesheets is selected. all types of performance pay is blocked from payroll reporting.  You can check this and update this in bulk by going to Settings > People > Payroll > Employee Payroll Settings.  Keep us posted if this does not resolve the issue, thanks!