Jobs overlapping

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Hi, we are having trouble with timesheets and having to manually adjust the tech's times. Example: a furnace install - the techs are paid 8hrs to install. If it only takes them 5hrs they still get paid for 8hrs. We will send them on other calls as they still have 3hrs left in their day. They will end up getting paid for 11hrs (regular time) but only truly working 8hrs. We then have to go in and adjust their start and end time to reflect the proper hours. How do you make sure your job profitability is correct? It would be nice if there was an override option when doing payroll instead of manually moving the tech's times. 

Does anyone else have flat rate for certain jobs? Does your tech continue to work if they finish early and not get paid overtime?


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Have you tried configurable payroll? It is customizable and might work in this situation. Reach out to your CSM and academy for training on it. 

Or if you prefer to have the normal payroll then @riley is correct about adjustment invoices. 

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Hi @sarajane525 ! For this workflow, I would recommend using payroll adjustments to account for additional gross pay and leave the job's timesheets as they are. Here is more information in this article, check out the section on how to add a payroll adjustment to an invoice. 

Editing the timesheets like you describe above does produce more gross pay in the system but this action comes at the cost of accurate timesheets and accurate billable efficiency. With payroll adjustments, we can enjoy the best of both worlds by ensuring accurate gross pay as well as accurate timesheets.