Hello, I am wondering if there is a way that Service Titan can automatically change the Clock in and/or Clock out time to the quarter hour to make it easier.Thank you! Have a great day:)

Kacey by New Contributor
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Split Commissions in Payroll for Two Technicians

Hi i'm trying to figure out how to split the commissions on payroll. Situation: Two installers are on a job and one technician sells a item. All the commission is going to the technician that sells it... I want to be able to split that commission, an...

jbbrewst by New Contributor II
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Suggestion: Unpaid Idle time Tech Notifications

We have set our up our Idle time so that any Idle over 60 minutes is unpaid. However, we have techs that do not review their timesheets at the end of their day to verify it is correct. I would love to see an option to have the system give them a popu...

CheriM by New Contributor
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Clock Out Reminders

If our techs need to return to the office for any reason, we want them to be able to clock out manually rather than when the last job/event is completed. Is there a way to have Titan send them reminders to clock out at the end of each day, to reduce ...

touchetp by New Contributor
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How To Pay Installers off sold hours

Hello im looking for how to pay installers off sold hours in configurable payroll.. I see that its a easy setup, but our "sold hours" are more on the equipment level then the service level. Is there a way to pay off the hours in the equipment AND the...

jbbrewst by New Contributor II
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Technician Payroll parameters

Currently we only pay our technicians drive time on the 1st call of the day if it is over a 30 minute drive. IF it is not we don't pay Drive time, however there is not currently a way to set it to pay tech if DT is over 30 minutes. IF there is can yo...

Debbie2 by New Contributor
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Simple Timesheet Report

I was wondering if there is a simple clock in/clock out report that can be generated just to show technician clock ins/outs. I've messed with custom reports but the whole "idle, working, driving, etc." fields are not what I want to see. These tend to...

Lou1368 by New Contributor II
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So to think??

Hello,Semi new here in Service Titan world.Can any one help me in setting up payroll. I have added my employees but I can only adjust or approved 3 out of 15 why????

Building CSR Schedules

I am new to Service Titan. I have a team of 15 CSRs that span 7 days a week/ 16 Hours a day. I know Service Titan offers the ability for office staff to "clock in and out" but is there a scheduling tool as well that I can use? I like to rotate weeken...

P_Makurat by New Contributor
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