Split Commissions in Payroll for Two Technicians

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Hi i'm trying to figure out how to split the commissions on payroll. 


Two installers are on a job and one technician sells a item. All the commission is going to the technician that sells it... I want to be able to split that commission, and give a percentage to the other technician that is with him. 

How would I do that? 

And if there is a way to automatically do it based on the splits on the invoice. The commission is setup to pay this way in configurable payroll currently... 

Sales Commission on Invoice Item
Take Flat $ Amount > Invoice Item Total
AND Multiply by % > set on invoice item > Tech commission % (custom payroll field i setup)

This is only paying if the installers sell a estimate on there install job... just trying to figure out how to split that commission. 


Thanks in advance!



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@Sheena_Palacios I have a "similar" question. I am about to begin our configurable payroll setup. We have never used ST payroll before.

What I need to do is as follows.
We are setting a static piece rate pay for every item in our price guide. That item will have a split based on a few factors.
1. If the "service tech" sold AND installed that job, it will pay 100% of that piece to the ST.
2. The "Service tech" sold the job, but it was installed by an install team, this pays 50% to ST and 50% to the "lead installer(LI)"(we pay the apprentice).
3. A service tech will sell the job AND install the job with the install team, this pays 75% to the ST and 25% to the LI.

What is the cleanest way to accomplish this?
Am I correct in assuming that we can simply set the piece rates in our price guide and use the "splits section" on every invoice to accomplish this? Is there an automated way to do this? Is there an automated way to just have it perform a 50/50 split and we just need to figure out the odd job where the happens to be a 75/25?


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @jbbrewst -- can you give me clarity if this is a commission you're trying to split for a sales or install job? It sounds a little like both above, and I just need a specific example to help me understand.

Sheena @ NiFT