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We are fairly new to Service Titan and are trying to allocate on-call pay to OT hours in timesheets.  This sometimes occurs BEFORE they reach the threshold of 40 hours.  Currently these hours are being included in regular hours, and the workaround is pulling two separate reports and making payroll adjustments.  Is there a way to code NIGHT SERVICE/ON CALL job type to be paid as over-time?


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Was there ever a resolution to this? I'm also trying to figure out how to do this exact thing.

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Would also like to know this. We need a "weekend pay" or "holiday pay" option. On weekends and holidays we pay techs 1.5x their normal rate but this cannot be categorized as OT as it is considered "weekend pay"! Any help would be appreciated.

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @JBuckwalter - you could add on-call pay as a "labor type" in your account or a "timesheet code" so you can account for how many on-call hours were worked and adjust the payout to account for it. I'm not sure what payroll features you have configured in your account but I recommend reaching out to your CSM to confirm!

Sheena @ NiFT

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This is something we have struggled with as well, would be great to know how we can separate on call pay before techs hit their 40.


 @KhianaKlatt  Knows this for sure!  



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Thanks for the shout out. I don't handle the techs timesheets/payroll currently. Miranda handles these in our company right now so I know she would have a better answer than myself. @mirdesch are you able to help this friend out please?

Khiana Klatt
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Kudos for pointing out the right direction!  Cheers