Resolved! Tracking Commissions

We have a Sales Person who gets commissioned on certain accounts what would be the best way to track that in service titan? (copy+paste from FB Masterminds but sharing on here)

Resolved! Timesheet Codes Taking Priority over Job Times

Do non-job timesheet codes take priority over where hours are allocated on payroll reporting over job times?We have a scheduling placemark on our dashboard to remind our technicians to do some items first thing Monday morning. Unfortunately when they...

Timesheet Non-Job Time Code Taking Priority 18Jul22.PNG
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Resolved! "Pay first drive if technician is clocked into event"

Good morning! We noticed this week that ServiceTitan has been marking first drive as paid time. I don't know how long it's been happening, I'm new to the company, but all our techs have the "pay first drive if technician is clocked into an event" set...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Jobs overlapping

Hi, we are having trouble with timesheets and having to manually adjust the tech's times. Example: a furnace install - the techs are paid 8hrs to install. If it only takes them 5hrs they still get paid for 8hrs. We will send them on other calls as th...

ST60 Release - Employee Payroll Settings Page

I am so grateful for the new new Employee Payroll Settings page, this is so helpful!Bonus, we can now see a count of how many technicians we have which on the main technicians page only shows the count if you have more than one page!I love how many a...

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Payroll Approval

So, I am working on doing payroll approval digitally. Do I have to upgrade to Payroll pro to do this? If not, I am just not seeing my permissions. Help anyone?

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