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I have a tech that pulled a po on a closed job. Is there a permission setting to not allow this?
Is anyone else having issues with performance pay not being paid for any of your techs? Ever since the last update our price book "pays commission" tab has been clicked off. I've been on the phone with ST all morning and still on hold with them at th...
Is there an option to pay the techs a monthly commission on a monthly membership they sold? If not an option how do others do this and/or keep track of monthly memberships that are sold to pay techs their commission?
Please ad the option/ work flow to edit batch names! 
When our technicians forget to clock in for a non job event, why isn't the office able to clock them in or adjust the time? When they forget to clock in (by the time I notice it and remind them) the non job event moves to when they clock in. The offi...
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