Customer A/R History

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Here's the scenario:

Customer calls in for service.  They're wanting to discuss pricing and get a better rate.  As a bsiness we want to review the actual A/R history of that customer to determine what we want to do next -- see how much they've spent with us, basically. 

Currently, I can go through the reports and run reports from there.  

What would be nice, is that if I click on "balance" for the customer record, it automatically either lifetime rev report, or lists all transaction totals with a date range filer, including a "lifetime' filter.   This would be less steps and more direct to the data and really speed up the analysis of customer spend in relations to decisions like in the scenario.  


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That's a great idea that would save some time! Have you shared that idea in the Ideas section yet?