Collecting Customer Deposits and Managing Sold Estimates

Hello ServiceTitan Community!New to ServiceTitan here, in the Garage Door industry! We're in need of some extensive help and recommendations on how you all record taking a customer deposit. Putting the Pricebook aside, we all understand how customiza...

ZachHawk by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Invoices

Is there a way to a set a default email for a customer to receive invoices. We have a property manager that has many locations and multiple emails on the account for various contacts in his organization. When we send invoices I would like to be able ...

acaroluzzi by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Application Error

We are having a very difficult time accessing invoices. We aren't able to complete workflows because when we are trying to access invoices to update or add POs, we keep getting an application error. When clicking details we are filling out what we ar...

aklemme by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Closing Your Books at Month End: Why and How

My first job in the trades was answering the phone and administrative duties at a small family roofing company. One of those duties was to provide the owner with an overview of money going out and coming in weekly in what he called a “State of the Na...

I am unable to check Payment History

I have all the permissions - i have double checked. And when I go to open payment history - I get "Permission Denied - contact administrator". Any ideas? Thanks,Marilyn

Marilyn by New Contributor II
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Expenses versus Payables

We have situations come up where a tech is out in the field and needs a part and the local hardware store is closest, he purchases the part with a company credit card and we will not get a bill from a vendor. Currently in ST my purchasing manager is ...

lasanford by New Contributor
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Service Titan Payments exported to QB Online

Has anyone experienced a payment made in service titan and it batch over to QB but then the bank from QB also adds the deposit, resulting in it looking like we have a refund due to the customer?

DanaDykes by New Contributor II
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