New Account Credit Feature - great idea, bad execution

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I love that we can now put a credit on the customer's account. No more pinned notes and csr's forgetting to mention them, technicians not knowing about them - sounds great!

Except that technicians STILL don't know about them. They process over 90% of the invoices that go through our system while onsite with the customer and there is no way to let them see there IS a credit, much less a way for them to apply it.

Account Credits are currently only accessible to the office side of things with the new implementation.
Well, adding them to accounts, sure.
But USING them? If the techs can't use them - they're just one more useless feature.


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I agree.  We have had several instances of over charging a customer because the tech could not see that a deposit was on account.  The only solution (at the moment) I see is Accounting has to look every day & move the deposit to the future invoice.  At least show the customer's entire balance on the individual invoice where it used to be (the blue bar beside the customer's name).

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Where can I enter an account credit. I don't seem to see that anywhere in my ST.


It would be nice if a technician could see and apply this.