Urgent Need: Invoice Item Deletion Feature

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Hello, we're urgently in need of a way to prevent certain techs of our choosing from deleting items added to invoices. I appreciate that we can prevent them from changing prices on estimates, but that doesn't go far enough. 

We have at least one tech who will get an estimate signed, have those items added to the invoice in question, and then delete those items while marking them as never to be done on any future jobs. This tech did so today again and then wondered why the item they deleted wasn't on the invoice. I had to go into the original estimate, duplicate the item they deleted, and then book that signed estimate into an entirely new job.

We don't get notifications when the deletions occur either. And even if we did, we'd still prefer to prevent this constant problem. Any way we can perhaps get a consideration for this? It'll allow more security overall as well as peace of mind. 

I've already spoken with a support rep and they said no such feature exists nor is there a workaround for it. 


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @MesaCSR

Thank you for this feedback. This needs to be shared on the ideas page with the team: https://community.servicetitan.com/t5/Ideas/bd-p/ideas

Be sure to come back here and share the Idea ID (COMMUNITY-I-xxx) so others can upvote your idea!