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Community Manager

It’s time for our July Community Member Spotlight! 🌟

For this month’s Member Spotlight we would like to introduce to you @KhianaKlatt!  Khiana won the Pathway to Pantheon contest back in March and she is currently our top kudoed author in Community. More recently, Khiana launched the Canadian User Group with a few others and we appreciate her hard work and dedication to getting this group launched. So many exciting things yet to come! If you haven’t checked out the Canadian User Group, go give it some love now. Thank you for being a valued member of the ServiceTitan Community Khiana!



We also asked Khiana a few questions to get to know her better. 

Here is what she said: 

Tell us a little bit about your background. 

I went to college for Early Childhood Education and worked in the daycare field for several years as a full-time educator. I spent a few years working in an infant program and then the rest of my time was spent in the preschool program. I studied children’s mental health for a short period and was very passionate about this. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to find work in this field, so I began searching for a different career. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I ended up applying for a position as a customer service representative at a local HVAC company, ServicePlus Heating and Cooling. I have been working here for the past year now and am really enjoying all that I am learning! I love that I still get to work with people and help them each day – it is just in a different way now! 

What motivated you to join the ServiceTitan Community and what are you hoping to get out of your experience here? 

To be honest, as soon as I onboarded with ServicePlus Heating and Cooling, my office manager (Miranda Deschamps) told me about how much I would love ServiceTitan and she helped me sign up for Community my very first week here! Whenever I have a question, I jump on Community to search for the answer. I love that the Community is so positive with everyone helping each other out. I love all of the contests where you can earn cool swag or win tickets to Pantheon! I love the feeling of being able to give back and help others within the Community. I also appreciate how much you can learn in the Community from reading articles or comments. The Community also informs you of upcoming webinars that provide additional training. It is such a great resource! 

 Any ServiceTitan feature that you’re a big fan of or couldn’t live without? 

I love how when a customer calls in, everything auto populates on your call booking screen! This is such a time saver and always impresses our customers. Often, at the end of the call, they will ask, “Don’t you need my address?” And I answer, “I already have it up on my screen. Your phone number connected me with your file.” When they ask a question such as, “Do you remember the name of the tech who was here last time? I loved him and would like to have him again please” I can find the information for them within seconds. I love how fast and convenient ServiceTitan is for call booking! 

Do you have any advice for new Community members?  

If you are new to Community, I recommend checking out the events calendar that is on the main home page. Here you will learn about upcoming webinars that may be beneficial for you and your company. There are always some great webinars coming up! I also recommend joining some community groups (such as the Torch Network or Lady Titans). To get the full benefit of Community, you have to really jump in and immerse yourself within it. It is a great spot for networking and learning! One of my favourite parts of Community are the Maze tests you can do to help the production team further develop Service Titan. If you see a post in Community asking you to take part in a Maze test – do it! You can see what features are upcoming and have a say in them as well. (Super cool!) Also, head over to the Ideas page and vote for other users' ideas or post your own ideas. I love that we can help have an influence on the future of the software! 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

When I do have some time to myself, I love: painting, drawing, reading, going to concerts, hanging out with my close friends, traveling and exploring, taking photos, babysitting, visiting greenhouses and gardening.  

Do you have a favorite dessert?  

Ice-cream is one of my comfort foods. I think it should be its own food group really. My favourite flavour is New York cherry cheesecake. For baked goods – I love my grandma’s homemade butter tarts. Nothing beats her recipe! There is a local café in my small town that makes the best Nanaimo squares. For store bought treats, they are my favourite! 

Do you have any furry best friends (pets)? 

I live on my own but have a house full of pets! Gibbs is a grey tabby who is 6 years old, Cheyenne is a fluffy black cat who is also 6 years old, and Rowan is a 4-year-old mixed breed dog (he is big and scruffy). They all help to make my house a home.