Booking Confirmation

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It would be really nice if we could specify the booking confirmations.  We do a lot of different jobs in the pool business so customers get confused on what we are coming out for with the generic booking confirmation. 


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Hey All! There are a few ideas in the product feedback section for this. Please vote for them if you haven't already and feel free to add a comment with additional details on what you want to see 😀

Click here to get to the Ideas page then search via number:

  • COMMUNITY-I-1168 Add 'Job Type' token option to Customer Notifications
  • COMMUNITY-I-715 Customize Notifications By Business Unit

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This would be extremely helpful! It never fails, customers always call back "What are you coming for??" 

Karmen Norris
Operations Manager, Always Affordable Plumbing & HVAC

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I agree- I'd love to be able to customize the notifications by job type (or at least business unit!). If you have marketing pro you could turn off the regular booking confirmations (or maybe make a generic message on the text that says more detail in your email?) and then create a daily email campaign for booked jobs with specificity for job type.

Jessica Woodruff Smith, LadyTitans Co-Founder & Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions