Double and triple Maintenance - overbooking issue

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We end up overbooked because our CSRs will book double or triple maintenance, but it only allows them to use one 2-hour window to book the call. We then do not have the space to stretch that call out to 2 windows to give the technician ample time to complete the job. 

This leads us to inconvenience customers by rescheduling them to another day. Is there a way that they can see and use 2 or even 3 windows, back to back, to make sure capacity stays on target?


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Create a job type for each type of home.  (maint x1, maint x2 maint x4). Set the duration hours for each job type for the amount of time you need for each job.  OR when you schedule I give my team a sheet that says approx. how long each job could take and they change the "start time/end time" and it expand the call.  This way if you utilize capacity planning or your CSR is looking at the dispatch board it will show them potentially how long that job will take.  I find it easier to move clients forward than to delay.  

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Hello lmacneil,

Question, are your maintenance agreements set up separately for each system? We are able to just drag the window out for any maintenance we schedule even if it will be an all day job we just drag it across the screen to accommodate the time needed. Also, as far as the reschedule, we set the expectation with all maintenance customers there is a possibility the appointment could be moved due to demand etc. so, we ask for 3 days over the next few weeks that will work best for them just in case. Hope this helps!

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We only guarantee the first call, other than that, I put them on the schedule and will call when the tech is on the way.  I do ask the customer if they prefer morning or afternoon and try to accommodate them. 

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we use 4 hour windows and over book by a couple of jobs across all of our techs for the ones who finish early and can run a call in less than 4 hours. also allows us to offer new callers same day service.  we also ask customers when we schedule them if they would be ok with us arriving sooner or arriving later than the time frame and we tag the customer "availble sooner" or "available later" and also "not availble sooner" and not available later". This will allow us flexibility to move up customers in the next window and free up later windows for more calls.

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Hello lmacneil,
I can't speak to Service Titan capabilities, and I'd be curious the answer myself, but the only quick fix here for you is to have your Service Manager closely monitor the dispatch board with CSR's and make adjustments or scheduling decisions with them.
As a Service Manager myself, days are long and busy and this task seems to interrupt the flow, but would be a huge benefit to maintaining the customer experience.